Awa, Espiritu make 2017 AFC Certificate course shortlist

[July 30, 2017 - Harmon, Guam] Guam Football Association’s Ross Awa and Jill Espiritu are among 51 other selections across the Asian continent to take part in an upcoming AFC Football Administration Certificate program set to begin July 31 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Awa and Espiritu were among those shortlisted based on initial applications submitted to AFC and were officially accepted into the program after receiving a passing grade on an individual pre-assessment examination and written case study. Awa is a national coach and former national team manager at GFA and Espiritu is the organization’s media and marketing officer.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the upcoming program,” Espiritu said. “I hope that upon completion of the program, I will be fully able to apply all I’ve learned to help Guam and Guam Football Association develop best practices in both football administration and management, ultimately lifting our status in those areas of international football. I also look to establish a network of contacts across the continent as we all work collaboratively to further improve football management in our region.

“I very much appreciate all the support from GFA President Tino San Gil and the executives, as well as my colleagues, to ensure that both Ross and I are fully prepared and knowledgeable to complete requirements for this course,” Espiritu added.

The nine-month program, put on by AFC in partnership with World Academy of Sport, consists of an anticipated study time of approximately 280 hours and is specifically catered for future senior management of the AFC Member Associations, the AFC Web site states. The program will consist of seven modules:

• The Organization of World Football

• Strategic Management in Football

• Financial Management in Football

• Income Generation in Football

• Media and Communications

• Event Management

• Operational/Football Management

“Succeeding in this program is important to me, as I am hoping to develop further as an administrator and use what I’ve learned to make even more contributions to the development of football in Guam,” Awa said. “I expect to gain valuable knowledge about the AFC structure and its methodology, as well as a better understanding of strategic management in football and its implementation. I also look forward to meeting others from other Member Associations and working with them to help elevate the level of football in Asia.”

Awa and Espiritu will be traveling to Kuala Lumpur three times in the nine-month period. The course also includes hours of study based on e-learning modules.

The program was first offered to only AFC Member Associations in the East region last year, but received an overwhelming response to invite all other countries in Asia to submit applications to take part in the program beginning this year, the AFC Web site states.

In the program’s pilot year, Guam’s Krystiana Martinez was among the first group from East Asia to receive the AFC Football Administration Certificate.

Guam Football Association Media & Marketing Officer Jill Espiritu and National Coach and former National Team Manager Ross Awa pose for a photo recently at the Guam Football Association National Training Center. Espiritu and Awa are among the final selections made by the Asian Football Confederation to take part in the upcoming AFC Football Administration Certificate program, which is specifically catered for future senior management of the AFC Member Associations.

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